Q: "Where do I go to view and purchase my child's portraits?"

~ Click on the "School" tab in the gray bar on the home page.

~ A page with galleries will come up. Click on the grade and gallery.

~ Now it is time to enter the access code to the gallery. This password was provided in an email from the school and Hello Sun Photography.

~ Find your child and click on the image.

~ To purchase, click the shopping cart. A list of options will show up to the left of the image. 

~ You can order online ordering and purchasing will be processed through PayPal.

Q: "Do I have to place my order online through your shop site?"

~ Absolutely not! If you find yourself getting confused or frustrated with our shopping system, look no further. Simply call or email us and provide the following information:

* Your child's school

* Your child's full name and grade

* The products that you would like to buy

* If you would like free delivery to the school (if in season) or shipping to your home. Please provide your address if you would like your order to be shipped to you.

* We will then send you an invoice to pay online or check.

Q: "Can I place an order through my smartphone?"

~ Unfortunately we do not reccomend ordering on a mobile device currently. Our site does not yet support the technology that allows our clients to make a purchase via smartphone. Please use a computer, tablet, email or call us directly.

Q: "Can I order multiple poses in a collection?"

~ Yes! 

~ You are not required to have the same pose for all the options in each package. For example, in Package A: If you want one pose for the 8x10 and a different pose for the 5x7 and another pose for the wallets…you can do that! 

~ When choosing different poses be sure to have the image you want selected and you click the "check mark" or add photo.

Q: "Why can't I order one print?"

~ There is a $30 minimum to process your order. 

~ This allows us to offer the incentive package for your school or non-profit organization; for instance, your school can earn money towards a 7% give back to support continued great education and funding!

~ You have the ability to customize your order if you don't see what you need in the Collections/Packages tab. As long as your minimum purchase is $30 you will be able to process your order.

Q: "What do you do with my registration and payment information?"

~ All of our online payments are processed through PayPal. As a result, we do not have access to your credit card information. All of this information is stored in 

PayPal, not with Hello Sun Photography. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of your payment information, please contact PayPal directly.

~ When you register with Hello Sun Photography's shop, only the information that you provide to us is stored. We require contact information, in case we need to contact you regarding your order, and also so that returning clients do not need to create a new account every year. We will never share or sell your information to anyone. As always, for any clients that are concerned with ordering through our system for security reasons, please call or email us and we will be happy to personally create an order with you.

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